The 18th Edition…What you need to know

Published on 7th Sep 2017
18th edition blue book

It is less than a year away until the 18th Edition of the IET Wiring regulations is published.  The new version of the standard is expected to be available from July 2018.

Electricians are likely to be given a six month transition period to get up to date with the new standard. It will then be a requirement that all electrical installations must comply with BS 7671:2018, 18th Edition (2018).  Which means getting up to date must be a priority for electricians.

ETT will be delivering the new full qualification next year.  We are also planning to deliver a one day update course. So keep an eye on our social media and website for these dates.


  • DPC availability and commenting period June – August 2017
  • Draft for Public Comment (DPC) closing date 23rd August 2017
  • ET and committees review DPC comments August – November 2017
  • Changes approved; final draft produced, reviewed and proofed November 2017 – April 2018
  • Official JPEL/64 committee sign off 4th April 2018
  • BS 7671 new edition available for purchase 1st July 2018


In the 18th Edition we can expect some of the following changes:

  • Clarity over where relevant utility services entering a building need not be connected to the protective equipotential bonding
  • Additional requirements for AC final circuits
  • Changes relating to devices for isolation and switching
  • Clarity in respect to regulations relating to wiring systems in escape routes
  • Potential amendments to the requirements relating to overvoltage and the selection and erection of surge protection devices
  • Considerations on how an electrical installer can prevent the appearance of a dangerous touch voltage in the event of the loss of the main connection to earth
  • Part 6 to take account of the IEC 60364-6:2016 standard
  • Potential for section relating to electrical installations in caravan/camping parks and similar locations to align with IEC 60364-708
  • Changes imposed by IEC 60364-722 – Supplies for electric vehicles
  • A possible section reflecting the requirements of IEC 60364-7-730
  • Consideration of how design can affect the efficiency of electrical installations. The thoughts are that the optimum use of electrical energy can be assisted by appropriate design and installation practice, whereby an electrical installation can provide the required levels of safety as well as the lowest levels of electrical consumption
  •  As in previous BS 7671 editions and amendments, any changes to Appendix 6 model forms of certification will be incorporated to reflect changes within the body of regulations, definitions, and any additional requirements imposed by changes that reflect HD inclusions

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