ETT’s first combined Inspection and Testing Course

Published on 22nd May 2018

In April, ETT held its first Combined Inspection & Testing course. Candidates attended the training centre for a total of 6 days, over 5 weeks. With a good mix of theory and practical training, the course is structured as follows:

Course Structure

Week 1: 2 days (Tues/ Wed) of training
Week 2: 2 days (Tues/ Wed) of training & written assignment
Week 3: 1 day (Mon) practical preparation & online exam
Week 4/5: Practical Assignment date will be confirmed during week 1 and takes ½ day

What our customers thought

The course structure proved a great success, as highlighted by Jordan Pearson, Stothers M&E Ltd, who commented, “The 6 day duration over a few weeks worked really well. I’ve attended other courses in the past that were spread over a few months. The ETT course was better as it provided enough time between sessions to revise and to still gain the
qualification within 6 weeks. Ken Robinson is a fantastic lecturer and it was probably one of the best courses I have attended. I would definitely recommend this course and ETT to anyone wanting to progress in their career.”

For more details on the Combined Inspection & Testing courses, contact the ETT team on 028 2565 0750.

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