AM2 Assessment Process & Costs

The content, structure and marking of the assessment is designed to produce evidence that a candidate has gained all the relevant safety critical competencies during their training process.

The AM2 test comprises four sections A – E.

  • A Lighting circuit and Ring Final circuit (2.25hrs)
    SWA and Motor circuit (2.25hrs)
    Central Heating (2hrs) Bonding, Data and safety circuit FP200 (2hrs), Containment AM2S/E only (1.5hrs)
  • A1 Safe Isolation and Risk Assessment
  • B Inspection and Testing of the completed composite installation
  • C Fault Diagnosis and Correction
  • D Fault Diagnosis, Location and Rectification
  • E Online multiple-choice examination

The online exam contains 30 questions across a range of topics, you must achieve a minimum pass mark of 70% (21 questions must be answered correctly).

To comply with NET’s external audit requirements and Conditions of Recognition, candidates will now receive their results notification within five working days from the day they complete their assessment.



Full Test Cost

The AM2 test costs £730.  If you are booking the test yourself, a non refundable deposit of £100 will be required to secure the booking.  This booking must be paid in full, 28 days before commencement of the AM2 test.  Payment may be made in instalments if preferable.  If full payment is not received 28 days prior to the AM2 test, the booking will be cancelled and any payments received (excluding the deposit of £100) will be refunded.

Resit Cost

If a candidate needs to re-sit multiple sections, the charge will not exceed the maximum price for a full AM2 test.