Practical Introduction to Electrical Estimating – LIVE ONLINE

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Practical Introduction to Electrical Estimating

About The Course

Course Overview

To complete the training, you will need to have either a PC or laptop with a webcam and be able to download GoToTraining software prior to the course commencing. Step by step guidance on how to access the training will be provided to you.

Online Live Classroom

With ETT, it is now possible to complete our courses in the comfort and safety of your home or office.  Online learning, especially when its live and interactive, is the safest way to overcome the restrictions and risks that COVID 19 has imposed upon learners who need to keep up to date with industry standards.  While there is a place for pre-recorded webinars, we believe that joining other learners in a secure training environment is a more effective way of getting to grips with complex technical subjects.  Live online training provides learners with an opportunity to listen, share and engage in the experiences, feedback and questions of other learners, while working towards achieving an industry approved qualification.

What to expect

We will send you a learning pack in the post with everything you will need on the day of the course. Don’t worry if you aren’t confident with computers, all you have to do is click a link and enter a few details to join the online classroom.  When the live classroom finishes, we’ll provide you with further guidance and resources for revision and exam preparation.

How to successfully estimate electrical tenders

Detailed estimating techniques reduce the risk of nightmare losses and increase the opportunity to win contracts, make a profit and sleep well. Pricing work competitively is a science, and an art. Quantities, measurements, and prices are forged together, usually under serious time constraints and at considerable cost to build business capital and personal wealth. The science is in the technique and data. The art is in the guile, craft, and experience of the canny (would be) estimator.

The skills required to be an estimator are usually founded in those who have progressed through structured electrical apprenticeship training. Although other non-electrically trained individuals can and do become proficient estimators.

What is successful estimating?

Competitive, detailed estimating is a process centred on the financial interpretation of a clients defined requirements which results in a profitable outcome for the electrical contractor. The process, done correctly, is one that is systematic in its approach, accurate in its execution and clear in its outcome.

How to become a proficient electrical estimator?

Overcoming lack of confidence, self-doubt, time constraints and degree of difficulty perceptions are the main barriers to the development estimating skills.

Training, practice, and mentoring are the foundations to counter the typical barriers to achieving proficiency in detailed electrical estimating techniques.

Who should train to be an estimator?

• • Small enterprise owners who have relied on rough bidding techniques or looked to outside cost providers will benefit from ETT’s 1 day live online course. By becoming self-proficient in the discipline of detailed estimating, small enterprise owners can significantly improve market share, management of risk and profitability outcomes.

• Individual qualified electricians looking for career progression options would also do well to complete CPD studies and practice in estimating skills. Estimators produce the fuel on which the business engine of the enterprise is ultimately run.

• Others with analytical minds, good literacy, and numeracy skills and those who possess that all important “can do” attitude, will benefit and progress rapidly from a structured training course.

The potential to further develop business acumen, management and communication skills should also feature in the self-checklist of those who wish to benefit from ETT’s electrical estimating training

What will I learn?

We will teach you the basis on which all successful, detailed estimating is established. At the end of the course, you will possess sufficient knowledge and skills to breakdown the confidence and ignorance barriers that have previously got in way.

A common saying derived from an African proverb begs the question, “How do you eat an elephant?” We all know the answer. The answer fits our task of helping you get to grips with the journey of becoming proficient in detailed electrical estimating.

This is a hands-on, live, interactive online course. You will be instructed on a step by step basis using typical documents, drawings, and foundational techniques like those used in the contemporary industry. We will provide you with everything you need to complete this course. All you have to do is register, log-on and learn.

Reasons to do this course

There is no need to be in the dark. Know what your estimator knows, that way you will be better equipped to gauge the level of effort and risk that it takes to avoid a loss and make a profit.

Improved labour cost controls, better buying and the management of contract omissions and additions all flow from the details contained in the techniques of structured estimating. Master the techniques and you will master the contract.

Perhaps it’s time to step away from the tools and step into the commercial engine room of electrical contracting. If you are looking for a career progression pathway or an opportunity to hone and develop your analytical skills from outside the trade, then ETT’s Practical introduction to electrical estimating course is the perfect starting place.

Terms and Conditions

We understand that it may be necessary for you to cancel your course booking. If you do cancel, we will refund your payment in accordance with the policy as set out below.

You must provide us with notice of cancellation by email to Failure to do so will mean your cancellation will not be processed, and any money owed may be lost. If you provide us with notice of cancellation 28 days before the date of the course, we will refund you with 100% of your payment, minus any non-refundable deposit. We will be unable to provide you with a refund where notice of cancellation is received after this period. Where payment has not already been received, you will be invoiced for the amount owed.

We do our best to run all scheduled courses. However, from time to time it may be necessary to cancel or postpone courses due to circumstances beyond our control. If this should happen, we will take all reasonable steps to notify you in good time. We will also refund 100% of your payment.