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I've got the experience, but how do I get qualified?

If you have been working in the electrical industry for 5 years or more and want to use your skills and knowledge to become qualified, the Electrotechnical Experienced Worker Assessment may be for you. The Electrotechnical Experienced Worker Assessment is the new assessment process to recognise occupational competence for people who have been working as an electrician for typically over five years, but haven’t been able to complete an apprenticeship or achieve an equivalent Level 3 vocational qualification.  Check out this video for more info.

ETT will be launching the Experienced Worker Assessment in January 2021, if you want to find out more click the link below or call us to register your interest 02825650750.

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Why choose ETT?

ETT is a local specialist training provider dedicated to supporting and helping individuals, businesses, employers and professionals working in Ireland to improve their knowledge and competence.




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SparkSafe LtP

Since February 2016, the main Public Sector procurement organisations with responsibility for Northern Ireland infrastructure, have included the SparkSafe LtP requirement in the PQQ/ITT process and contract award requirements.




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Our response to COVID-19

Along with most other UK service sector organisations, we’ve had to be nimble in responding to the impact of COVID19. First and foremost, our priority is the safety and well-being of our staff, customers and community. Since the introduction of lockdown measures in March 2020, we have been working to conserve our resources, while maintaining key functions and service commitments to our customers.



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