Our Partners and Credentials

The organisation is an accredited ISO 9001, City & Guilds, EAL, CSR, and NET approved Learning and Assessment Centre. We have successfully renewed our ISO 9001 accreditation every year since 2005 as we believe that those who make use of our services are entitled to a quality assured approach to everything we do and achieve on their behalf.

City and Guilds is the lead awarding body in our sector and we are very pleased and privileged to continue to be an independent approved Centre for the following awards:

EAL is the specialist skills partner and awarding organisation for industry. We prize our valuable accreditation as an EAL Approved Centre, as it provides choice and other alternative opportunities to learners and employers in the local industry.

CSR accreditation was gained by ETT in 2004 from the Construction Industry Training Board. We renew our commitment annually to delivering CSR training and assessment with Construction Employers Federation as part of our effort towards improving on-site safety and well-being of construction industry workers.

NET is an independent charity that develops and administers Assessments of Occupational Competence (AOC) in the UK. These AOCs include the Achievement Measurement 2 skills assessment test on behalf of the electrical industry. The test continues to be highly valued by the National Industry as it provides important standard method of evidence leading towards competency. Since 1998, ETT has successfully managed and delivered the AM2 assessment service on behalf of the local industry.

UNITE is the biggest union in the UK and Ireland. ETT continues to maintain a positive relationship with local representatives of the Unite the Union. We seek to share, develop and promote training that will be of benefit to the employment and welfare of apprentice and adult electrical workers.

ECA at a local level provide active support and opportunity for ETT to deliver technical and health and safety training to its member companies and employees. The Northern Ireland Branch forms part of the leading Electrical Employers’ Association in the UK.

CPD and CoPE organisations develop and implement public sector procurement policy for the Northern Ireland construction sector. The roll out and compliance of the Electrical Licence to Practice system provides the organisation with opportunity to raise the awareness and knowledge of the public sector on appropriate electrical skills and competency’s within the industry.