FREE Apprentice Aptitude Test Service

New| FREE Apprentice Aptitude Test Service for NI Electrical Contractors

ETT has developed an industry specific aptitude assessment, to help employers with their 2024 apprentice recruitment.

ETT’s aptitude test aims to provide measurable, objective data that should give a better all-round view of a potential apprentice’s suitability, while reducing the work for the employer.  Formal education and past experience will not always provide a clear, up-to-date assessment of job specific skills.  Aptitude testing should help to provide a better, more realistic and current view of possible candidate’s skills and abilities than relying solely on formal certificates of education.

When:                    10.30am – 11.30am, Friday 22nd March 2024 | 10.30am – 11.30am, Friday 26th April 2024 | 10.30am – 11.30am, Friday 24th May 2024 & 31st May 2024

Where:                  ETT, Ballymena

How to book:      Bookings can only be made by the potential employers by calling 02825650750.  Please note that spaces will be allocated on a first come first serve basis.


Details & Structure of the test 

The aptitude tests are made up of three separate tests covering Maths, English and Science.  The results will be shared with the employer and candidate via email in the form of an apprentice profile – see Fig 1. Sample Apprentice Profile.  This can then be used as part of the existing recruitment and selection process.  These tests assess the skills and abilities relevant to the job of an apprentice electrician.  They have also been developed to provide candidates with an understanding of the language, Maths and Science knowledge and skills that they will need when they enter the Electrical Contracting Industry.


Structure of Tests
Maths 31 questions – 20 minutes Formula, equations, interpreting tables and diagrams, percentages, angles, area and perimeter
English 29 questions – 20 minutes Spelling, grammar, proof reading, comprehension, free writing skills
Science 21 questions – 15 minutes Calculating efficiency, power, energy transferred, identification of safety signs, contaminants, irritants and ohms law.


English: It’s important to have good reading and writing skills because the Electrical Industry is always moving ahead.  Candidates need to keep up to date with safety issues, quality standards and technological advances, complete worksheets and provide written records. So no matter which area the candidate will work in (and what level of skill and expertise they gain) having good English reading and writing skills will help them succeed.

Maths: The basic foundation for all electricians is good maths skills.  These skills are used in practical, everyday situations. Just as a builder has to measure his materials, an electrician has to measure things like current and voltage. This means candidates need to be comfortable working with numbers.

Science: Many of the maths skills needed are closely linked to a basic knowledge of science.  Candidates work the numbers within the scientific rules. Many of these ‘rules’ or ‘laws’ were written hundreds of years ago after practical experiments conducted by scientists and they haven’t changed since.



Fig 1. Sample Apprentice Profile