2017 Breakthrough Masterclasses with Allan Cree

Expert bid writer Allan Cree, is joining ETT for two, one-off, one-day Masterclasses aimed at helping ambitious, competitive tenderers, maximise the opportunity to acquire new business.

#1 Tender and PQQ Breakthrough Masterclass

Here is an excellent opportunity to learn or improve, “how to” provide smart answers to tough (PQQ) questions. Winning new business flows from winning new opportunities to tender contracts. Perhaps you have been missing the mark recently regarding vital tendering lists, or you wish to boost your turnover and profit potential.

Allan is a highly experienced and much sought after business professional, who specialises in Tender Response Management Skills. His proven bid writing methods have helped established SME’s and new entrant service providers, to achieve and maintain recurring breakthrough tender winning solutions and techniques. The “Breakthrough Master Class #1” will provide you with knowledge, skills and winning methods to evaluate and answer PQQ questions with high scoring answers.

  • Date & Time: 2nd May 2017, 9am – 4.30pm
  • Location: ETT, Ballymena
  • Price: £160

#2 Pricing Strategy – How to Gain an Edge, by Being Smart with Mathematics Breakthrough Masterclass

Allan will be returning to ETT for the second masterclass a week later. DO NOT MISS THIS COURSE if you want to beat your bid competitors in the year ahead. Numbers and quantities count like never before in modern competitive bidding. Technology counts, reputation is vital, experience invaluable, turnover key, but get the bid numbers wrong, and you’re always going to be a runner-up. GAIN new bid winning skills by exploring mathematical (bid gaming) opportunities, contained within the bid documents.

Allan specialises in bid winning “what if” strategies for service providers. Allan will encourage and inspire your team towards brighter bid thinking, by sharing concepts and ideas that build upon and go beyond established bid winning formulas. The “Breakthrough Master Class #2” will deliver knowledge, skills and bid methods aimed at maximising profitable bid winning opportunities.

  • Date & Time: 9th May 2017, 9am – 4.30pm
  • Location: ETT, Ballymena
  • Price: £160

Booking Information

To book a place or to find out more, email us at enquiries@ett-ni.org or call one of our advisors on 028 25 650 750.