An update on how ETT is responding to COVID-19

Along with most other UK service sector organisations, we’ve had to be nimble in responding to the impact of COVID19. First and foremost, our priority is the safety and well-being of our staff, customers and community. Since the introduction of lockdown measures in March 2020, we have been working to conserve our resources, while maintaining key functions and service commitments to our customers.
During this time, we’ve made good use of UK and local government advice, to support the efforts of the NHS in saving lives. For now, we have been obliged to suspend in-class directed learning courses, assessments and examinations. However, we have firm plans to adapt and recommence our activities in line with Government guidance. Social and workplace distancing measures look like they are with us to stay, so it would seem unlikely that we will return to in-class training until such times that ultra-safe measures become available.

Your future training needs

On-line virtual learning, safe practical assessments and online examinations will form part of our updated service offering to customers. We are presently working on your behalf, to ensure that your training needs are met with high safety standards. Further details of how we will achieve these outcomes, including dates and courses offerings, will be made available shortly.
What about AM2 assessments?
We operate one of the largest and most experienced AM2 centres in the UK. We understand the effect that the current period of suspension in our activities is having upon final year apprentices, adult learners and FE training providers. Our team is currently working on new safety procedures with a view to resuming AM2 assessment in early June 2020, subject to Government guidelines. We take our responsibility and duty of care towards our staff and AM2 candidates very seriously. Exceptional steps, equipment and procedures will be put in place, to ensure that protection against COVID19 is maximised. Further details on our plans to conduct COVID19 safe AM2 assessments will be made available shortly.

Keeping you informed

More information on the new virtual learning options will be available soon. We appreciate your support during this time and ask you to visit and our social media channels [Facebook, LinkedIn & Twitter] for regular updates. Please contact us at or call 02825650750 for any enquiries. We are here to help.