Are you working in the electrical industry and want to become a qualified electrician?

Are you an  electrical worker who has been working in the industry for more than 5 years, but have been unable to complete a formal NVQ level 3 qualification in electrical installation? If you want to become qualified, then the Experienced Worker Assessment could be for you.

The Electrotechnical Experienced Worker Assessment (EWA) can help you get your skills and experience recognised to the industry recognised Level 3 benchmark.

 What is the Electrotechnical Experienced Worker Assessment (EWA)?

The EWA replaces the JIB Mature Candidate Assessment and provides an improved, standardised, and transparent process for experienced workers to accredit their skills, experience, and knowledge.

The EWA process recognises occupational competence for people who have been working as an electrician for over five years but haven’t been able to complete an apprenticeship or achieve an equivalent Level 3 vocational qualification.

The EWA is based on the same content as the electrotechnical apprenticeship.  This means that both new entrants and existing workers are being assessed and accredited against the same industry standard.

Gain recognition as a Qualified Electrician

Achievement of the Experienced Worker Assessment and the AM2E meets the criteria for a SparkSafe Qualified Electrician Licence.

The Experienced Worker Assessment also meets the ECS Gold Card criteria, as well as being recognised in the Electrotechnical Assessment Specification as equivalent to an industry apprenticeship.

It is important to emphasise that the EWA is an assessment process against the recognised industry standard.  It is not a short cut to becoming qualified.

 Eligibility for EWA

 To be eligible for the EWA you should have a minimum of 5 years’ experience as a practising electrician working across the range of activity set out in the Skills Scan.

The 5 years cannot include time you have spent in training, either full- or part-time, for example college-based technical certificates. It means 5 years working solely as an electrician and not in training.  This will be verified by a training provider before you can be accepted onto the EWA.

For more information on the EWA offer, visit the ETT website –