COVID Secure AM2 to recommence at ETT June 2020

During the lockdown period, we’ve been developing a COVID Secure strategy and environment for those who are required to undertake the AM2 assessment. Protecting our staff, apprentices, adult learners and the community from infection is our highest priority.

The potential impact of Coronavirus infection and subsequent transmission to others in the workplace, at home and in society, carries serious health and mortality risks.

We take our responsibility to address the risks associated with the virus very seriously.
ETT is following expert advice, adhering to government guidance and taking extraordinary steps to maximise the health, safety and well-being of AM2 candidates.

What to expect from ETT COVID Secure AM2

  • AM2 candidates will complete a pre-screening virus risk questionnaire. We will require candidates to assess and declare their own state of health in terms of virus symptoms and provide relevant details of virus contact history to ETT before attending the assessment centre.
  • Instructions setting out the arrival and movement to the AM2 assessment area will be provided in our COVID Secure welcome pack. We will include detailed instructions on how and when to enter the assessment centre. Measures on social distancing, hand cleaning and the provision and use of PPE will also be made known to candidates in advance.
  • To protect AM2 candidates, our staff and the community we are using a thermal bullet camera and a digital thermometer to enhance our safety screening and admission process.
  • A one-way system of travel will be in place from the point of arrival. The system will also cover the movement of candidates for tea, lunch and toilet breaks.
  • Barriers, screens and other protective measures including gloves, masks and sanitizer fluid will be included in our provision.
  • We have configured the use of AM2 bays to allow for a minimum 4 metre gaps between candidates undertaking the assessment. Other measures including 2 metre plus distancing and use of screens will feature during the online test.
  • The use of AM2 bays will be sequenced to allow for sanitization and servicing.
  • Candidates may use their own tools during this period, providing they are in good condition. The condition of tools will be determined by the assessor. The use of power tools is not permitted.
  • The ETT AM2 assessors and support staff have undertaken additional COVID awareness training to maximise the protection and safety of candidates during assessment period.
  • Risks associated with tea and lunch breaks mean that candidates will be required to use their own vehicle to ensure social distancing. Provision of a safe space for non-drivers or those arriving on public transport will be available.
  • Toilet facilities are equipped with hand-washing and self-clean disinfectant products for use by candidates.

A number of AM2 assessments have accrued during the lockdown period. Candidates who received postponement notices prior to the lockdown period, will be given rebooking priority as the Centre reopens. Although we do not foresee an immediate return to normal capacity, we are considering alternative scheduling options to help FE Colleges and their apprentices.

We are going the extra mile to protect those who make ETT their AM2 assessment centre of choice. If you’ve got any questions or would like us to take other measures into consideration regarding safety, please feel free to contact us. We are one of the largest and most experienced AM2 Centres in the UK, our staff are trained to listen carefully and respond helpfully to the personal needs and concerns of candidates in light of the COVID 19 virus.