Derek Thompson Industry Service Award, Launched By The Electrical Safety Roundtable!

We are delighted to see the launch of the Electrical Safety Roundtable Above and Beyond Awards (ABA).

We are all so proud to see Derek’s legacy remembered with the Derek Thompson Industry Service Award. Such a great way to keep Derek’s memory alive and recognise his commitment and contribution to the industry.

The Derek Thompson Industry Service Award is for an organisation or individual who has contributed to enhancing electrical safety for a sustained period of typically 5 years.

The ABA, created by the Electrical Safety Roundtable in the Workplace group, have been designed to recognise and celebrate individuals and organisations who go above and beyond to enhance and improve electrical safety within the workplace.

The ABA are about more than that simply winning an award. They present an opportunity to share best practice, learn from others, and improve electrical safety, ultimately helping to save lives.

The Electrical Safety Roundtable ABA Awards are now open for entries!

The Awards are open to all individuals and organisations with a notable interest in electrical safety.

There are four categories:
• Product of the year
• Electrical Safety Initiative of the year
• Changemaker of the year
• Derek Thompson Industry Service Award

The deadline is the 13th January 2023 and the winners will be announced in February.

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