ETT and Coronavirus (COVID19)

National and local Government departments are steering the UK through an enormous disruptive global health problem. ETT is committed to supporting this effort.  As a responsible employer and industry service provider, we are tracking and adhering to the latest advice and direction provided by the UK Government, with special interest in our community and the local electrical contracting industry.  Lifestyle, as well as business service and practice are required to adjust to the challenges presented by COVID 19. ETT have risk assessed each of our services, to help protect our customers, candidates and colleagues.

AM2 Assessments

We have suspended all AM2 assessment and resit activity. We believe it is the responsible thing to do as candidates and assessors are at risk of working within the bounds of two metres of each other. Multiple surface contact and use of hand tools and inspection and testing equipment, also features during the three-day assessment. The potential impact upon individuals, families, the community and health care workers are the main factors in coming to our decision. Please note that on reopening, we will prioritise rebooking those assessments that have been cancelled.

AM2 Feedback

Feedback for those candidates who have failed their AM2 assessment will remain available. Candidates requiring feedback can make the request by emailing providing their name, telephone number, the date of the AM2 assessment, as well as the sections they are seeking feedback on. We will endeavour to provide prompt feedback in accordance with the scope permitted by NET.  Group Training, Practical’s and Online Examinations
All directed learning courses and assessments have been suspended until further notice in-line with UK Government instructions. When it is appropriate, we will be in touch with customers again about any outstanding training needs, refresher training, practical assessments and online examinations including resits.

Online Training Resources

Remaining up to date with technical knowledge and good practice is a challenge for most electrical workers during normal circumstances. Work pressures, lifestyle and other demands sometimes mean that our good intentions are put on the long finger. The present and foreseeable circumstances of the UK construction industry are likely to provide opportunities to catch up or gain new skills. For example, consider improving your IT skills by using free online training via YouTube.  You may also wish to consider accessing good quality, free electrical training with our friend and industry champion Dave Watts aka Sparky Ninja


Although our normal service has been reduced, we are still here to receive your calls and emails. Please feel free to contact us. We have experienced members of staff who are ready to help and support employers, workers and local industry stakeholders.  We are here to answer your questions, deal with your queries and provide guidance on qualifications, training and assessment related matters.

In the meantime, we would like to invite you to sign up to our newsletter and follow us on Facebook/ Twitter / Linkedin. We will use these digital communication channels to keep everyone up to date and release training and assessment dates when it is safe to do so. We would also like to thank all of our customers for their continued support and understanding.