Section A AM2 re-sits – Important changes from April 2021

From 1st April 2021, Section A of the AM2 (all versions) will be split into sub-sections, so
that should candidates need to re-sit, they will only need to retake the failed sub-section/s, and not
the whole of Section A.

Why are NET doing this?

NET are introducing this to improve the overall assessment and re-sit process for candidates, to
acknowledge the instances where they may only fail on a single element of the installation. By
allowing the candidate to re-sit only the sub-section failed, it reduces re-sit costs and associated
stress linked to time away from work to repeat the whole build.

For centres, it will reduce the time a bay is tied up for a re-sit, allowing for a greater number of resits
to be booked and at more flexible times.

Once introduced, the AM2 resit sections and associated length will be:

1. Lighting circuit and ring final circuit – 2.25 hours
2. SWA and motor circuit – 2.25 hours
3. Central heating – 2 hours
4. Bonding, data and safety circuit FP200 – 2 hours
5. Containment (AM2S and E only) – 1.5 hours

When candidates receive their results notification, they will be advised which section/s they failed and informed of the opportunity to re-sit just those sub-section/s.

Please note:

• AM2 section C1 will now be called Section C
• AM2 section C2 will now be called Section D
• AM2 section D will now be called Section E

We have set out the new structure and costs for AM2 resits from 1st April 2021 in the table below. The cost of each sub-section re-sit has been issued in the ‘NET Licence and Fee Structure:


If a candidate needs to resit multiple sections, the charge will not exceed the maximum price for the full AM2 test. From April 2021, the fee for an AM2 Full Test will be £730.