Stay up to date with an ETT 18th BS7671:2018 Edition Course

It’s been six months since the publication of 18th Edition of BS 7671. The transitional period will come to a conclusion on the 31st December 2018.

Electrical installation work commenced during the period leading up to the 1st January 2019 may be completed under the standard in which it was designed. However, from the 1st of January 2019, all new electrical installation work must be designed and installed to meet or exceed the requirements BS 7671:2018.

Around 150 hundred electricians have already successfully updated their trade credentials with the help of ETT’s expert industry lecturers. By doing so, these workers make themselves more employable and productive in the workplace.

Clients of the industry increasingly want and need to know that an electrical contractor’s workforce is knowledgeable and operating to accredited standards.

Perhaps you have been thinking about updating your qualification or that of your employees. If so, now is an excellent time to speak to ETT about reserving a place on a 2019, 18th Edition Training Course with ETT.

We deliver the course over three consecutive days and then provide each candidate with home study resources before inviting them back a few weeks later to undertake the two-hour multi-choice examination.

There is only one common examination comprising of sixty questions drawn from a greater bank of questions created by the awarding body. The questions are designed to test candidate knowledge across the entire scope of the new blue book.

A successful outcome in the exam is dependent on the experience and quality of the lecturer, the personal effort of the candidate and the professional conduct of the approved centre.

The first time exam success rates at ETT per candidate are excellent and although some candidates have managed to achieve 90%+ our focus remains on getting you that all important pass. As they say, “A pass is a pass!”

We have put together five of the top tips for passing the 18th Edition first time.

  1. Start with the table of contents, learn how quickly navigate this section and it will be your best friend during the exam.
  2. Read through the whole book at least twice. Not necessarily word for word, but enough to familiarise yourself with the layout and main headings in the book.
  3. You will need to achieve a good understanding of the definitions and tables as many of the questions are tied to these terms.
  4. Revise, revise and revise some more! At least eight hours of quite focused study is required. Practice questions and mock exams are a useful means to self-assess your readiness for the real thing.
  5. During the exam don’t waste time by lingering on a tough question! If you don’t know the answer, flag your question and move on.  If you have time at the end, you can quickly click back on all your flagged questions.

If you are planning to update to the 18th Edition of BS7671, please check out the next available dates here or call the ETT team on 02825650750 for further advice.