Electrical Safety Awareness

  • Start: 26th Oct 2023 09:00
  • Duration: 9.30am - 12.30pm
  • Code: 5121
  • Availability: 14
  • Cost: £125
  • Face-To-Face

This course is designed to help non-electrically qualified workers understand and manage the dangers associated with electricity in the workplace.

Course Overview

Is this course for you?

The Electrical Safety Awareness course is designed to help non-electrically qualified workers understand, assess, and manage the dangers associated with electricity in the workplace.  Are you a duty holder? Are you directly responsible for the safety of workers? Do you task workers or others with duties that involve exposure to electrical systems or operation of electrical equipment, e.g. changing a lamp, resetting a circuit breaker? Do you or your colleagues understand the risks and dangers associated with electrical systems in the workplace? Knowing what you don’t know is an excellent place to start to evaluate the personal liability and consequences that flow from the lack of safety procedures. Remember, ignorance is no defense in law!

Is this the right course for me?

This course will help you or your co-workers assess the risks associated with electricity and the practical steps that can be taken to minimise and control them.  The course covers the main hazards, applicable legislation, risk assessment, risk reduction measures, and key responsibilities of the individual.

What are the benefits?

We will help you understand and develop procedures aimed at preventing injury, loss of life, and damage to property. By attending this course, you will have taken steps to produce a defence against legal action and loss of reputation. Training records count in court!

A course attendance certificate, which can be added to training records and used for health and safety/ insurance purposes, will be issued to attendees.

Course Overview

During the course, attendees will be encouraged to participate in discussions based on case studies, photographs, and videos. We will make use of an insightful, easy to grasp PowerPoints slide presentation to help vary and strengthen the learning experience. The following key topics are covered in the course.

  • Basic Electrical Principle
  • The Dangers of Electricity
  • Safe Working Practices
  • Protection from Electric Shock