Preparing for the AM2

The AM2

While the AM2 test is challenging, candidates have access to some useful resources so they can measure their readiness before putting themselves forward to do the assessment. This guidance comes in the form of a Candidate Self-Assessment Checklist, which will allow candidates to check their competence against individual elements of the AM2.  When they feel comfortable with each component, they are then ready to undertake the assessment.  The Checklist will show you everything you should have learned before going into the AM2 – read through it and make sure you definitely have done it all! It’s your employer’s and trainer’s responsibility to make sure you’ve covered everything on the list, so they should go through this with you and help identify any areas of concern.

NET has also developed an AM2 Common Candidate Errors Guide. This will show you where the majority of mistakes happen – so make sure you don’t make them too!

There’s also an open book theory element of the AM2. You’ll need to be up to speed on four different guides.

  1. Building Regulations (not just Part P, but any of the regulations that might impact on electrical installation work!)
  2. Current edition of the Wiring Regulations (BS7671)
  3. On-Site Guide
  4. IET Guidance Note 3

Make sure you revise these carefully – you don’t want to spend three days in the AM2 test rig getting everything right, only to end up losing points on the theory aspect.

The Online Multiple Choice Exam will require you to spend time reading through the 17th Edition IET Wiring Regulations, Installers Guide to the Regulations, Guidance Note 3 and the Onsite Guide Textbook so you can confidently answer questions on:

  • Hand tool use and care
  • Health and Safety
  • BS 7671: Requirements for Electrical Installations
  • Building Regulations
  • Installation Techniques
  • Single and Three-phase motors – control and overload protection
  • Control Systems – sustainable energy system
  • Overload and Short – Circuit protection
  • Inspection, testing and fault finding

Then there’s just three final pieces of paperwork left. Make sure you’re confident in completing an IET Electrical Installation Certificate, and that your measured results conform to the requirements of BS7671. Also make sure you’re confident about completing a Schedule of Inspections and Schedule of Test Results, and be certain you know how to carry out all the necessary tests for these.

AM2 Candidates with health conditions or impairments may also wish to review NET’s Disability Policy and Equal Opportunities Policy.

On The Day

Common sense can desert the best of us in an exam session, so in the run up to the AM2 it might be helpful to consider the following:

Get a good night’s sleep the night before your first assessment day and during the three day assessment period – you need to be firing on all cylinders, so don’t make big plans for the evenings!

Don’t forget to bring in your filled-in Checklist

Make sure you know exactly where the test centre is and how to get here.

Leave enough time to travel as well, you don’t want to be late.

Don’t panic!

Employer Guidance

In the three months prior to the assessment taking place, encourage your apprentice to make use of the tools and guidance available here and on the NET website.

We would encourage you as the employer to be familiar with the following documents

  • Candidate Self-Assessment Checklist
  • AM2 Common Candidate Errors Guide

Reading through these should highlight any gaps in the apprentice’s training or any areas which they are uncertain of, which can be addressed prior to the assessment taking place.

Back to basics

As well as learning and revising, it is important to remember some practical considerations, which may seem obvious to an employer, but less so to an apprentice. Before your apprentice undertakes their assessment, encourage them to do the simple things, like getting a good night’s sleep and not making plans for the evenings during assessment time just because they’re technically ‘off work’. Remind them that you expect employees to arrive at work fresh and ready – these assessments are designed to test an apprentice’s occupational competence, so the same standard applies.

Similarly, try to ensure your apprentice doesn’t panic. As their employer, you are in a position to support and reassure them – after all, many of you will have sat an AM2 at the start of your career. Let them know that the assessment does not cover anything they won’t have been taught already, and there should be no surprises.

Appeals Information

Before lodging an appeal, it is very important that candidates have read and fully understood the NET Exam Results Appeal Policy.

Appeal Stage 1

If you believe you have a case to make a formal appeal, the first step is to raise an initial appeal with your assessment centre. We recommend doing so in writing by post or email, outlining the details of your concern and seeking a written response. We advise that candidates retain copies of all correspondence and/or records of any discussions with the centre in relation to their appeal. If you are unable to reach a satisfactory outcome after this process has run its course, you may elevate your case to a stage 2 appeal.

Appeal Stage 2

Complete and submit the NET AM2 Candidate Appeal Form.