Cover Letters Do’s & Don’ts

Whether you are emailing your CV or sending it in the post, it is important that you have a well crafted cover letter to help convince the reader to take a detailed look at your CV. Each cover letter you send should be different.

Address the reader

It is important to spend time making sure that your cover letter is relevant to the readerIf you know the person’s name always put “Dear Mr. Bloggs” rather than “Dear Joe”. You do not want to come across as too familiar.

Watch the length

As with your CV, the cover letter should be brief. A few paragraphs should be enough to sell yourself. Cover letters are simply a letter of introduction. Remember the reader will have limited time to read through a long letter. Keep it short and concise.

Make no mistakes

Your cover letter must be mistake free. Errors and mistakes will make a poor impression and imply that you don’t care.

Use the correct format

Use the following format as a guide for your letter.

Briefly introduce yourself, state the post you are applying for and where you saw it advertised. Explain why you are interested in this type of job and working for this particular employer. Highlight what makes you suitable for the job. Provide any additional information that does not easily fit into a CV.

Avoid generic cover letters

Above all, avoid generic cover letters. Write cover letters that are unique and specific to you. The point is to be different and stand out.